This is an easy-to-use spray that gets to work in just 30 seconds and helps to relieve and/or prevent withdrawal symptoms and reduce the cravings experienced when trying to stop smoking. This preparation gives an instant release of nicotine, helping to brush off the craving to smoke. This spray can be used to either completely replace cigarettes or simply cut down the number of cigarettes used.


  1. Point the spray nozzle towards your open mouth and hold it as close to your mouth as possible.
  2. Press the top of the QuickMist to release one spray into your mouth.
  3. To avoid getting spray down your throat do not inhale while spraying.
  4. For best results, do not swallow for a few seconds after spraying.
  5. Slide the button down until it can be pushed inwards.
  6. While pushing in, slide the top of the dispenser downwards. Release the button. The QuickMist mouth spray is now closed.
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  • Instant nicotine release spray
  • Helps to cut down the number of cigarettes used
  • Relief and/or prevent withdrawal symptoms
  • Aids in increasing the motivation to quit