Home and office delivery pharmacy dealing with a wide range of human and animal medicine, mobility aids, supports, medical devices, beauty and personal care products.

  • Personalized interaction with our customers – You get to have a one-on-one conversation with our pharmacists who are always on duty to fully serve our customers. An option of video call (skype and WhatsApp call for maximum interaction with our pharmacists) enables you to ask questions and report any incidences such as adverse drug side reactions to the pharmacist. For any physical interaction with our pharmacists, you can walk into our pharmacy for more consultation and advise.
  • Specialty medication – filling prescriptions for special conditions such as: Cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis and more. For medication that are not taken by mouth such as insulins and others that are injected through the vein, we allocate nurses who help patients at home to administer their medication. We also help you store specialized medication in the right conditions.
  • Dermatological preparations – We formulate your skin medication as prescribed by your dermatologist and deliver it ready to your home or office. This increases convenience. You don’t have to queue for the service, all you have to do is scan your prescription and send it to us through deliverypharmacyke.com or WhatsApp number +254714756105.  Your details are confidential and are treated as such.
  • Educational articles – We offer informative articles on monthly basis to keep you informed on your health, give you tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and also advise on rational use of your medicines at home and in your office. Online videos on special topics such as how to use different medical devices and homecare equipment is made available on monthly basis.
  • Chronic medication refill reminder – We help you keep track of your medicines stock and alert you on your next refill a week in advance to enable you plan better. This prevents cases of stock-outs leading to skipping of your dose.
  • Adherence – We help you strictly adhere to your treatment as prescribed by your doctor by reaching out every often on the progress of your treatment. You deserve the best care when taking your medication.


  • Our beauty advisers will offer best solutions and advice on all your beauty and personal care needs.
  • We deal with high quality beauty products that keep you looking elegant and confident to face your day-to-day tasks. A beautiful day is made even better by a confident person. This is what we bring to you!
  • We offer worldwide delivery for all beauty and personal care products.