NeilMed Wax Out Ear Cleaners 12ct


It includes 12 reusable ear cleaners, wax softener & ear plugs. It is a complete ear hygiene system for wax build up, itching, water extraction and exfoliation. It contains a coil, bristle, screw and club.


The Coil contains Interlocking rolls that compress to help collect and loosen material, as well as extract water – the Coil functions as the perfect cotton-swab replacement.


The Bristle is comprised of a collection of different fiber lengths and thicknesses to help loosen and collect material and debris, as well as aiding in itch relief.


The Screw works by boring into, displacing, and helping to collect material and debris laterally into the ridges – moving it out of the ear canal.


The Club is designed with a stubby, bumpy surface with perforations leading to a central cavity to help detach, dislodge, and collect material and debris, while also working to exfoliate the ear canal.

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