Lercanidipine is used in the management of hypertension It belongs to the dihydropyridine class of calcium channel blockers, which work by relaxing and opening the blood vessels allowing the blood to circulate more freely around the body.

Posology and method of administration


The recommended dosage is 10 mg orally once a day at least 15 minutes before meals; the dose may be increased to 20 mg depending on the individual patient’s response.

Dose titration should be gradual, because it may take about 2 weeks before the maximal antihypertensive effect is apparent.Patients with renal or hepatic impairment: special care should be exercised when treatment is commenced in patients with mild to moderate renal or hepatic dysfunction. Although the usually recommended dose schedule may be tolerated by these subgroups, an increase in dose to 20 mg daily must be approached with caution. The antihypertensive effect may be enhanced in patients with hepatic impairment and consequently an adjustment of the dosage should be considered.

Method of administration

Precautions to be taken before handling or administering the medicinal product:

– Treatment should be preferably administered in the morning at least 15 minutes before breakfast.

– This product should not been administered with grapefruit juice

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