Safechlorite 5l


Safechlorite is used both on small scale and on a large scale including agriculture, chemical industries, paint- and lime industries, food industries, glass industries, paper industries, pharmaceutical industries, synthetics industries and waste disposal industries. In the textile industry it is used to bleach textile and is sometimes added to industrial waste water helping to reduce odors. It also neutralizes sulphur hydrogen gas (SH) and ammonia (NH3) and to detoxify cyanide baths in metal industries. Safechlorite is also used to prevent algae and shellfish growth in cooling towers. In water treatment, it is used to disinfect water. Additionally, in households, it is used to purify and disinfect the house, bleaching to remove stains.


Use it to clean the surrounding when required.

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  • Used in textile industry to bleach textile.
  • Used in water treatment to disinfect water.
  • It is used for the purification and disinfection of the house.
  • Added to industrial waste water  to reduce odors.