It is a combination of decongestant oils that release vapors that help to relieve the symptoms of nasal congestion. It contains pure plant oils to relieve congestion, blocked sinuses, and hayfever symptoms. It is ideal for children and infants (babies) over 3 months old.



For inhalation or external use on unbroken skin only.

As an inhalant: Children aged 3 months to 2 years: Add 1 drop to a tissue and hold close to nose allowing the child to breathe in vapors.

Adults and children aged 2 and over: Add 2 or 3 drops to a tissue and inhale the vapors. Can be used at night or added to hot water. Avoid direct contact with the child’s skin. Not recommended for babies under 3 months old.

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  • It takes to help unblock even the stuffiest blocked nose.
  • A mixture of essential pure plant oils.
  • For relief of bronchial and nasal congestion.
  • For symptomatic relief of muscular pain.