Chromium is an essential trace element meaning that it is found in extremely small quantities in the body. It helps in the control of blood sugar levels by activating a hormone called insulin to bring down the amount of blood sugar. Chromium could also be used alongside other measures to control weight gain and to improve blood sugar control in people with diabetes.

After taking a carbohydrate-rich diet, It is broken down to glucose which is used to make energy to drive your body processes. However, when you are not active, that glucose is converted to fat and stored in your body reserves for future use. High levels of glucose in your body pose a great risk to your system and may even cause death if not managed.Therefore this glucose need to be pumped into your reserves for storage.This is made possible by a hormone called insulin. What is insulin? Insulin is made by the pancreas and it helps your body to store glucose in reserves future use. Insulin prevents your blood sugar from getting abnormally high.

When you have insufficient levels of insulin, your blood sugar level tends to go higher than normal and more insulin is released to bring it down. Your pancreas may produce sufficient quantities of insulin but your body fails to ?recognize? the elevated level of insulin causing a prolonged elevation of your blood sugar.

Chromium has been shown to increase your body?s ability to make use of insulin by increasing your body’s ability to respond? to insulin and therefore helps with control of your sugar levels. Several studies have shown that chromium supplementation helps with better blood sugar control. Chromium tablets are therefore recommended in people who suffer from diabetes. The major dietary sources of chromium include; eggs, fish, wholegrain cereals and nuts.


Take 1 tablet per day with food. Do not exceed the recommended intake.

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