Citrus containing water, carbohydrates, protein and vitamin C is a perennial plant that has been used for centuries in TCM. Our Novel Depile Capsules is famulated with natural citrus extract and citrus extract’s derivate for alleviating hemorrhoid. BF Suma novel depile capsules provide a painless and scientifically proven method to control hemorrhoids. People who suffer from chronic venous insufficiency and chronic or acute hemorrhoids need these capsules.

Studies done on Citrus have shown promise for this herb as a natural remedy for hemorrhoids. Its benefits include:

  • Alleviate hemorrhoid.
  • Reduce anus pain & irritation.
  • Calm bleeding hemorrhoid.
  • Reduce discomfort after having a bowel movement.


Take with meals.

For chronic venous insufficiency, take 2 capsules daily.

For chronic hemorrhoid disease, take 2 capsules daily.

Take 2 capsules 3 times daily for 4 days, followed by 2 capsules twice daily for 3 days, 2 capsules thereafter.

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  • It alleviates hemorrhoid without surgery.
  • It relieves pain, burning sensation and itching.
  • It reduces discomfort after having a bowel movement.
  • It calms bleeding hemorrhoid.