Aqua Oleum Rose Water 100ml


Aqua Oleum Rose Flower Water is a soft and gentle fragrance, a revitalizing and purifying floral aqua spray for the face and body. This 100 percent pure and natural floral water can be used directly on the skin with a cotton pad or used as a hydrosol spray. Apply to cleanse and tone the skin. It cleans the complexion, tightens capillaries, diminishes redness, and blocks the pores. It is perfect for dry/mature skin, soothing, healing, and is suitable for all skin types.



Apply to cleanse and tone the skin.

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  • 100 Percent pure and natural floral water.
  • Ideal for dry-mature skin, soothing, and healing.
  • Reduces redness and closes the pores.
  • Suits all skin types.