Aqua Oleum Black Pepper


It is a warm-woody, spicy scent aromatic oil that blends well with rosemary, lavender, marjoram frankincense. It is great for warming restorative, improving muscle tone, and soothing the joints. It is especially good for those with acne, oily or blemished skin, skin that is prone to a sporadic flare-up of spots as it has a purifying and antiseptic effect on the skin. It also makes a lovely room freshener, having an uplifting, revitalizing, and antidepressant effect. It helps to boost and support the immune system and to help prevent the spread of viral air-borne infections within the home or office.



Apply morning and night to cleanse and tone the skin. It purifies the complexion, tightens capillaries, reduces redness, and closes the pores. Suits all skin types.

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  • 100% pure, natural, and undiluted.
  • Spicy-woody scent.
  • The oil is extracted from 100% named botanical species.
  • It has benefits of aromatherapy along with other holistic therapies.