Aqua Oleum Eucalyptus Oil


It is especially good for those with acne, oily or blemished skin, skin that is prone to a sporadic flare-up of spots as it has a purifying and antiseptic effect on the skin. It is a valuable aid and ideal as a toner/cleanser in your daily skin routine in these circumstances. It also makes a lovely room freshener, having an uplifting, revitalizing, and antidepressant effect. It helps to boost and support the immune system and to help prevent the spread of viral air-borne infections within the home or office.



Used in a vaporizer it helps clear the mind.





Use 10 drops to full bath: add 3 drops to a cup of boiling water and inhale the vapor.

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  • It is 100 percent organic.
  • Steam distillation of the leaves and twigs.
  • Use in low dilution only.
  • Pure essential oil.