It is a type of chair used by someone who needs help going to the toilet due to illness, injury or disability. A commode chair sometimes has wheels to allow easy transport to the bathroom or shower. It looks like a normal seat but has a toilet bowl at the bottom where a person sits just like on a normal toilet seat.

Benefits of having a commode Chair

  1. A commode chair allows you to avoid moving up to the bathroom and so go to the toilet without help. This helps to give a person a sense of autonomy and privacy. Some people with reduced mobility avoid waking up their caregivers at night to ask for assistance and prefer to wait for them to wake up. A commode that sits next to the bed makes it possible to relieve oneself without any help, and at one’s discretion.
  2. A commode chair helps to preserve the privacy of people with reduced mobility. Few limited people in their movements easily accept the idea of being helped to go to the toilet even if the caregiver is a very intimate person of their Entourage. A commode chair offers a person with reduced mobility more privacy and commode as this equipment allows him to count on herself or himself throughout the day for his or her personal biological needs, thus preserving his dignity.
  3. A commode chair offers more safety to people with reduced mobility and their caregivers. The risk of falls and serious injuries in people with loss of autonomy or mobility is very important to be prevented. The commode chair allows you to limit risky measures when the time comes to assist a person who lacks strength or balance to get up alone. A commode chair helps to reduce the risk of injury by minimizing travel, especially at night between the bed and the toilet.
  4. Most commode chairs can be folded and transported anywhere. A commode chair is ideal for the pride of a person who does not wish to draw attention to their ability to help themselves.